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At Traxus OffWorld Industries and all our divisions, branches, and subsidiaries across Sol we value our communities above all else. Because building worlds is what we do. And building worlds for families, friends, and neighbors is why we do it.

Recent events have forced our leadership to refocus. Our commitments to safety, inclusivity and the well-being of all sentient beings has never been stronger or more present. Furthermore, we can visualize humanity’s potential beyond mere innovation. Beyond striving for continued growth and prosperity, our passion drives newer and stronger partnerships with leaders across scientific, industrial, and theoretical disciplines. New initiatives, currently underway, are reshaping the care we give. Our advancements and infrastructure allow that care to be increasingly proactive and universal.

All of us at Traxus OffWorld Industries invite you along on the next, grand era of our continuing journey spanning nearly 800-years. Join us, as we embark on a new race toward new ambitions and new stars. A new marathon that we will run together. Generations old and new. Towards a constellation of new possibilities.

Domonkos Szarka

CEO | Traxus OffWorld Industries


At Traxus Global we build the infrastructure that connects humanity.

From our humble beginnings on Earth’s native soil to our adopted homes on Luna, Mars, in between, and beyond, Traxus Global strives to create and uplift communities while innovating in the fields of infrastructure development and resource management.

Building today.

Towards tomorrow.



In the twilight of a fading era, as the embers of humanity's ambition flickered and waned, a beacon of hope emerged, casting its luminous gaze upon the celestial tapestry. Traxus, born from the depths of mankind's most audacious dreams, set forth on an odyssey of cosmic proportions, weaving a legacy that would alter the very fabric of reality.



Our story begins in 2095 with the birth of true Artificial Intelligence, as a congregation of visionary engineers and philosopher scientists gathered to breathe life into a dream. Inspired by the boundless potential of the universe, they sought to create an entity that could pierce the veil of the cosmos and unlock the enigmatic secrets that lay hidden in the celestial abyss. Thus, in a flurry of passion and determination, Traxus Intelligent Machines was born.



In the fledgling years of our existence, the seeds of our legacy took root in the fertile soil of human curiosity. As we expanded into extraterrestrial mining, our nascent creations began to take form, supplying much needed resources from Mars and beyond. The world bore witness to the birth of a new era, as Traxus Interplanetary Corporation relocated to Mars in 2145 and began its ascent into the annals of history.



Our journey has not been without adversity, as we faced the inescapable trials and tribulations of progress. In the crucible of challenge, our resolve was tested, and our innovations refined, as we wrestled with the existential questions that haunted the shadows of our ambition. But with each passing storm, our commitment to our mission grew ever stronger, each victory and failure, every lesson we have learned from Earth and Mars propelling us toward the vast expanse of the unknown.



Traxus OffWorld Industries stands as a titan among the stars, the resurrection of the CRISTs as the Traxus OffWorld Solar Orbiters is a testament to the indomitable spirit of human ingenuity. We have become the architects of a new reality, our branches and subsidiaries stretching across the solar system like tendrils of stardust. Our technologies have transcended the mundane confines of the Earth, and our influence resonates throughout the infinite cosmos.



As we look back upon the odyssey that has brought us to the precipice of eternity, we stand in awe of the dreams and passions that have fueled our journey. The history of Traxus is a tapestry of triumph and tribulation, woven from the threads of human ambition and desire. It is a saga that continues to unfold, as we chart the course of our collective destiny among the stars.



At Traxus, we are driven by the pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries and innovative solutions that elevate the human experience. We invite you to explore our latest projects and join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter tomorrow.


Unlocking the Riches of the Solar System


Advances in mining technologies, propulsion, and ship design, as well as worker safety have made available a previously unattainable wealth of minerals throughout the solar system. Directed by Traxus' Astrogeology Division, our researchers locate and classify sites for future extraterrestrial resource utilization.


Mineral resources that have become scarce or difficult to extract on Earth have been the subject of extensive scientific study. Traxus has conducted many research missions to analyze the solar system's geological composition, leading to the discovery that those resources exist in great abundance in easier to access locations with far lower risk of environmental impact.


Our research team utilize remote sensing, robotic sample collection, and in-situ analysis to identify the richest and most ideal sites for mineral extraction. Entire divisions of expertly trained and experienced earthworks specialist oversee collection using the latest in personal and industrial technologies. Traxus ships constructed at the Traxus OffWorld Shipyards carry ore from extraction sites throughout the system to Traxus refineries on Luna and Phobos to be processed into raw materials used in everything from construction to manufacturing to the arts.


Diligence and mindfulness across every aspect of our operations — from discovery to realization — allows every branch of Traxus’ vast network to deliver quality services and products to the communities we cherish. Preliminary studies indicate that our focus on resource acquisition and distribution from non-planetary sources has the potential to transform humanity to a post-scarcity civilization within the next twenty-five years, with all the benefits to the economy, day to day life, and general wellbeing such advancements imply.


At Traxus Global, a unit of Traxus OffWorld Industries, our passion for worldbuilding has driven us to become the solar system’s leaders in universal resource exploration. Our unique capabilities and mastery across numerous industries has allowed us to become the foremost authority and best placed force for future missions of off-world settlements and panstellar colonization. By harnessing the solar system’s full potential, we will continue to unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth across Sol and beyond.

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