UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override)

24 May 2888, 02:15PM PST


NinoDC_0312: @TOI_Board The situation with Interorbital United Shipping continues to escalate. Recent intel suggests their exploration into reopening old routes is top concern.

KrisBD_4505: Steps?

NinoDC_0312: Multi-phase contingent underway.

KrisBD_4505: Possibility of added clarity in United Shipping’s intentions? What is our confidence in current intel?

NinoDC_0312: Confidence high. Timeline matches long-run surveil interests related to Project: GOLIATH. Clarity in the works with @UrosBS_0111’s aid.

UrosBS_0111: United Shipping new route operation is a priority. Further insight into current data sets is passphrase protected, but we are looking for workarounds.

UrosBS_0111: Status is: Passphrase is scattered—traces rumored across the net. We have netcrawlers actively searching for the pieces, and the path to the originating terminal itself. Once path is ID’d and passphrase assembled we believe we will have access to enough connected data to understand and address United Shipping’s intentions.

HedvT_6221: If this terminal’s OS is a backdoor around United’s infosec and this backdoor is known to the point of rumor how can we be sure it won’t be sealed with deeper layers of security before we can glean the necessary details?

UrosBS_0111: We are moving forward confident in our ability to secure our interests before United can adjust their infosec response. Or field countermeasures.

KrisBD_4505: Is this effort in-house or freelance?

NinoDC_0312: Initial efforts to access the intel in question are being handled in-house by Uroš and their team. Additional measures utilizing freelancers are being set up to act on our findings.

UrosBS_0111: We may enlist outside help to track/crack the phrase. Will update as we proceed.

24 May 2888, 02:25PM PST


HedvT_6221: Per my earlier concern…

HedvT_6221: If there are rumors being spread about compromised files related to United Shipping’s operations, we cannot be alone in seeking access to the information in question.

HedvT_6221: @UriosBS_0111 What is our current exposure re: third party competition?

UrosBS_0111: Mida remains an active complication. They’re open channels are taunting us, while their closed channels are overtly referring to United and this new route.

NinoDC_0312: Our aim is to secure our interest and close any backdoor to keep outside eyes as limited as possible.

KrisBD_4505: This new generation of mida is a continuing sad display.

HedvT_6221: Children playing revolution. It’s pathetic. I thought we were done with their nonsense.

UrosBS_0111: Placating the last few generations with comfort and a place at the table doesn’t seem to have rubbed off on this new wave.

HedvT_6221: Mars is free. We freed it. What are they fighting for?

KrisBD_4505: Boredom. There’s nothing to rail against, so they make up enemies to pass the time.

HedvT_6221: They’re an annoyance, not a threat.

HedvT_6221: @UrosBS_0111 Continue to track down the passphrase. If mida or other runner crews are our competition we will make every effort to remain steps ahead.

HedvT_6221: @NinoDC_0312 We need immediate follow-up on the purchase order we discussed.

NinoDC_0312: @HedvT_6221 PO and associated considerations being finalized. Will follow-up in person.

24 May 2888, 03:10PM PST


NinoDC_0312: @TOI_BOARD All 12 Martian Zones have sent in their safety reports. Issues that will need to be addressed before the next cycle.

UrosBS_0111: Good. Let’s work toward a schedule of focus and budget. Despite other initiatives, safety must always be a priority.

UrosBS_0111: We have a dedicated team on it. That much data takes time to eval, but we all agree safety across our sites is imperative.

HedvT_6221: @UrosBS_0111 Any standouts?

UrosBS_0111: No major concerns. Per @NinoDC_0312’s initial walkthrough, focus start with Elysium A 01, Coprates E 04, Oxia Pallus B 01, and Margaritifer C 03.

KrisBD_4505: Beyond the ethical responsibility to provide safe environments for our employees, being proactive in upkeep is a saleable beat across numerous markets.

KrisBD_4505: I’ll look over @NinoDC_0312’s initial reporting and work with Relations to pinpoint any messaging we can spread.

UrosBS_0111: Great work staying on top of this everyone. Vital steps are being taken. Always inspiring when we are in sync on our objectives.

NinoDC_0312: Offline for the next hour or so to align on next steps. Will ping when ready.

HedvT_6221: Same. Budget forecasts underway. Will adjust as analysis comes in.

UrosBS_0111: Thanks, everyone.

24 May 2888, 04:45PM PST


UrosBS_0111: @TOI_Board Crawlers hit on two United Shipping passphrases -


UrosBS_0111: Crawl remains active with @VLCN oversight.

UrosBS_0111: More passphrases required, but they’re scattered.

UrosBS_0111: Best guess on next catch is morning.

UrosBS_0111: Will update ~9AM.

HedvT_6221: Thanks, @ UrosBS_0111

HedvT_6221: Related -

HedvT_6221: @NinoDC_0312 and I have engaged SekGen with a PO to address necessary requirements.

KrisBD_4505: This is specific to biomata supplies for suggested operation?

HedvT_6221: Correct. We are moving forward under the assumption that our initial plan of action is the best, and maybe only, option for a swift response. There are many moving parts, but securing the biomata component is key to building out the planned manifest.

KrisBD_4505: Agree. Conversations are being had with external partners, but nothing is final as of now.

UrosBS_0111: And we remain certain our security forces are not equipped to lead our first wave response? I understand the concept of hiring outside consultants but remain unconvinced our interests and security are best served by contracting with external partners—no matter how trusted.

KrisBD_4505: @UrosBS_0111 Understood, but too many variables in play to risk our own. Need plausible deniability if United catches on. Full measures including follow-on support via Zeta- level Enforcer units are part of longtail planning. But for speed and our own protection, freelancers are the only option.

HedvT_6221: Generally, it is agreed that placing our people in a position where direct competition with United is almost assured is bad for business.

UrosBS_0111: Certainly. It just seems as though competition with United, in this case, may be inevitable. But I suppose there is value in delaying until it is unavoidable.

NinoDC_0312: We have some time to adjust if needed.

NinoDC_0312: The PO simply provides items required for agents in the field, internal or ex-dev.

HedvT_6221: This is correct. We cannot wait to secure the support tech. Who is responsible for its use can be discussed and finalized up to launch.

UrosBS_0111: What protections are there against this PO shining a light on our intentions? We may be a large organization with endless moving parts and import/export needs, but we are risking United’s scrutiny as we look into Goliath. If they start to look back, how do we obscure our intentions?

HedvT_6221: The PO is constructed to obfuscate the pertinent details.

UrosBS_0111: And it can be issued in a cadence that fits our standard ordering procedures?

HedvT_6221: Yes. We believe so. It will not be issued through those channels, but subsequent filings will slip it into an approved order flow.

HedvT_6221: Delivery of the PO is being treated with care. An Earth-local seccomm will liaise via digital comms with SekGen project leads. PO is well-protected. We believe we are secure in moving forward.

25 May 2888, 12:01AM PST





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25 May 2888, 09:04AM PST


UrosBS_0111: @VLCN Who initiated a wipe on this channel?

VLCN: Hello @UrosBS_0111 Wipe initiated by @KrisBD_4505 at 00:01AM PST, Standard Earth Time.

KrisBD_4505: @UrosBS_0111 Considering the rumors of data security failings I’ve asked @VLCN to wipe its records daily.

UrosBS_0111: Good call.

UrosBS_0111: And I have some good news...

UrosBS_0111: @TOI_Board Crawlers managed one more encoded overnight…

UrosBS_0111: 69 6D 62 75 65

UrosBS_0111: Link to United Shipping access point still missing. We’re working on it.

NinoDC_0312: PO is moving forward as well.

NinoDC_0312: SekGen happy. Working with us. Moving quickly.

NinoDC_0312: @UrosBS_0111 @HedvT_6221 and I also finalized a commit from our contractors for the new site expedition.

HedvT_6221: PO keeps moving.

HedvT_6221: But sending addendum shortly per contractor’s demands.

NinoDC_0312: Support tech for SekGen to source and provide.

HedvT_6221: We’ll reimburse on delivery.

KrisBD_4505: The contractor is secure.

UrosBS_0111: Very.

KrisBD_4505: How much did their loyalty cost?

HedvT_6221: You’re dismissive, but in my experience, Runners are very loyal -

HedvT_6221: - to a payday.

HedvT_6221: They may not trust each other. But Runners can always be trusted to get a job done.

NinoDC_0312: If one crew doesn’t do it, another will.

HedvT_6221: Every time.

KrisBD_4505: How much are we fronting their payday?

HedvT_6221: An inconsequential sum and the promise of field testing an S-Series clone.

UrosBS_0111: Hands-on the S-Series sealed the deal. They couldn’t resist getting a head start on the next gen. That opp’s worth more than credits to most higher end Runners.

HedvT_6221: Still logistics to cap-off, but the practical aspects of this initiative are tracking.

UrosBS_0111: Info collect won’t be far behind.

HedvT_6221: Working with @DrazK_9921 for delivery of addendum.

HedvT_6221: Meet set. Everything is moving.

KrisBD_4505: Quickly.

UrosBS_0111: Let’s all keep pushing forward. Momentum.

DomoS_0101: Get it done.

KrisBD_4505: Yes sir.

25 May 2888, 01:23PM PST


KrisBD_4505: @TOI_Board UrosBS_0111 MIDA is becoming a problem. Too much United Shipping attention.

UrosBS_0111: Investigation underway.

KrisBD_4505: @UrosBS_0111 How did they secure the keyword for the PO?

NinoDC_0312: How did they know about the PO?

UrosBS_0111: Investigation underway.

KrisBD_4505: Not good enough.

KrisBD_4505: Too much at stake.

NinoDC_0312: MIDA cracking a password is troubling. But how did they even know to crack it?

NinoDC_0312: Who knows the PO exists?

KrisBD_4505: More than should.

UrosBS_0111: Security worked with @HedvT_6221’s team. New encrypt on PO docs.

HedvT_6221: Trusted code phrase delivered p2p

HedvT_6221: UkFESUFOVA==

KrisBD_4505: How are we on the defensive for an initiative no one should know exists?

UrosBS_0111: It’s ignorant to pretend United’s new route would stay undisclosed.

UrosBS_0111: We’re tracking the same access everyone else is.

KrisBD_4505: MIDA seems to be ahead of us.

UrosBS_0111: They’re not. They’re just good at disruption. They hear the rumors of compromised United files they know they’re not alone.

KrisBD_4505: We’re on parallel tracks.

KrisBD_4505: Parallel puts us at risk.

NinoDC_0312: We’re still ahead of them. If they’re even hunting the same opportunities.

KrisBD_4505: InfoSec passed me their newest propaganda.

KrisBD_4505: Overt references to “progo.”

UrosBS_0111: Yes, but we’re still a few steps ahead. If they had more intel, even the same, they’d spend less time picking at our operation and all laser-focused on United’s stash.

UrosBS_0111: And, we have United’s binary.

NinoDC_0312: The binary has been hard to crack.

KrisBD_4505: Churn @VLCN on it and actived more of our contract network. Trusted Runners who can respond to infosec@traxus.global with a code phrase will be rewarded –

NinoDC_0312: We can offer half the United link to Runners who respond.

KrisBD_4505: It’s a risk, but one we need to take if we want to stay ahead of MIDA troublemaking and United’s response.

25 May 2888, 04:08PM PST


UrosBS_0111: @TOI_Board MIDA disruption escalating. Project risk increasing.

UrosBS_0111: Clear we are not the only ones shadowing Goliath.

UrosBS_0111: United Shipping’s going to set off a cold war.

KrisBD_4505: Need our contractors’ sorted.

KrisBD_4505: How’s prep?

HedvT_6221: Final asks delivered.

HedvT_6221: Contracts updated and triggered.

NinoDC_0312: Travel and tech support being finalized.

NinoDC_0312: We’re on track for TCIV.

NinoDC_0312: SekGen updated with contract support addendum (passphrase: AYHUJL for review).

NinoDC_0312: All other equipment sourced locally.

UrosBS_0111: <!> OxPa B 01

UrosBS_0111: Shaft collapse.

HedvT_6221: How did this happen?

KrisBD_4505: We’d just listed it as a risk for failure.

UrosBS_0111: “No major concerns.” This is bad timing.

NinoDC_0312: What’s the loss?

UrosBS_0111: Too early.

UrosBS_0111: Equipment and structural = total loss

UrosBS_0111: Personnel = Too early

HedvT_6221: It’s tragic.

KrisBD_4505: It’s preventable. That’s the tragedy.

NinoDC_0312: Why now?

NinoDC_0312: OxPa is a well-regulated facility.

NinoDC_0312: Anyone claim responsibility?

HedvT_6221: Maybe an attack?

NinoDC_0312: Maybe. I don’t know.

NinoDC_0312: Do we know?

UrosBS_0111: Indications are site error.

UrosBS_0111: No signs of hostilities.

KrisBD_4505: This is going to cost us.

UrosBS_0111: @VLCN Do we have numbers from OxPa B 01?

VLCN: 300+ affected

VLCN: 300+ injured

VLCN: 304 biomata lost

VLCN: 53 casualties

VLCN: Numbers not final, situation fluid

NinoDC_0312: 970224312 fits here

NinoDC_0312: WC

HedvT_6221: Unfortunate, but timely.

KrisBD_4505: Early numbers indicate clones did their job.

UrosBS_0111: Seeing only non-biomata workers among lost.

UrosBS_0111: All clone-wear workers ejected. All survived.

KrisBD_4505: Going OL to direct messaging.

KrisBD_4505: PR to coord talking points with SekGen to sell the spin – clones keep you safe, Traxus.Global keeps you safe.

KrisBD_4505: After @UrosBS_0111 provides his final numbers.

26 May 2888, 12:01AM PST





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26 May 2888, 08:45AM PST


UrosBS_0111: @TOI_Board United Shipping breached.

UrosBS_0111: Goliath files cracked. The first floodgate.

HedvT_6221: How did we lose control of this?

KrisBD_4505: Once rumors hit the markets it becomes a feeding frenzy.

UrosBS_0111: UESC will be coming

NinoDC_0312: No more pretense, then?

UrosBS_0111: What’s the point?

UrosBS_0111: We got what we wanted.

UrosBS_0111: And VLCN wipes this chan on the turn.

KrisBD_4505: @ NinoDC_0312The coded language wasn’t to protect us from consequence.

KrisBD_4505: It was to delay prying UESC infodef.

UrosBS_0111: And we know they listen.

KrisBD_4505: Goliath = TCIV is a conversation starter.

KrisBD_4505: Confirmation of Equanimity > TCIV changes everything.

HedvT_6221: We have the means to take advantage.

UrosBS_0111: We should be the only ones capable.

NinoDC_0312: Won’t be.

UrosBS_0111: Not in totality. But for scale.

UrosBS_0111: We can support our own endeavors.

UrosBS_0111: contract freelancers.

UrosBS_0111: UESC logistics and support.

UrosBS_0111: We can cover and control every angle.

KrisBD_4505: The UESC needs us more than we need them.

HedvT_6221: It might have taken them 100 years to realize it.

UrosBS_0111: We can use the leak to get the UESC to the table.

26 May 2888, 09:55AM PST


UrosBS_0111: Leak continues to spread.

UrosBS_0111: Not mainstream.

UrosBS_0111: Tracking across multiple markets.

UrosBS_0111: Shifting storefronts makes it hard to map, but word is spreading in Runner circles

HedvT_6221: Do we need to slow them down?

KrisBD_4505: Hindering MIDA and any uncontracted Runners should be hi-pri.

NinoDC_0312: Our info unit pulled multiple digital prints off the UESC folder.

NinoDC_0312: Some freelance Runner, but more than a few prints with MIDA markers.

NinoDC_0312: Can start feeding UESC.

UrosBS_0111: Social and back-channel touchpoints pinched too.

UrosBS_0111: Info unit started tracking MIDA prints after the PO was cracked.

NinoDC_0312: I’ve seen the report

NinoDC_0312: We have more than enough to stir the UESC in MIDA’s direction

UrosBS_0111: Disrupt MIDA.

NinoDC_0312: Slow them down.

NinoDC_0312: UESC down their throats puts them out of sync.

KrisBD_4505: MIDA cleanses and re-upps their prints enough anything info pulled is likely new to UESC.

NinoDC_0312: A Disruptor listed two months ago has a new print today.

NinoDC_0312: If they’re running biomata that likely have multiple.

UrosBS_0111: Start the pipeline to UESC

HedvT_6221: It has been a while since we picked a fight.

KrisBD_4505: I’ll let the UESC and MIDA fight for us.

UrosBS_0111: Our contractors can clean up the mess.

26 May 2888, 01:44PM PST


KrisBD_4505: @TOI_Board UESC outreach underway.

KrisBD_4505: Providing all we have on MIDA, plus access to all of internal communications the last 72hrs.

KrisBD_4505: A compromise with @VLCN oversight.

KrisBD_4505: If they push for more than prior 72, legal will intervene.

KrisBD_4505: We have nothing to hide.

HedvT_6221: And everything to gain.

KrisBD_4505: To the extent we can, we have made our intentions clear.

KrisBD_4505: TCIV and the Marathon are not the UESC’s to own or control.

KrisBD_4505: While our hope is for the Equanimity to find TCIV thriving.

KrisBD_4505: Complex models suggest the desired outcome is unlikely.

KrisBD_4505: @UrosBS_0111

UrosBS_0111: As such, while we move to find avenues to work alongside the UESC in relation to TCIV, we are continuing our efforts to reach and study the Marathon and its colony, without UESC approval.

UrosBS_0111: No license has been granted and the UESC views any non-UESC bodies to be trespassers in TC.

UrosBS_0111: This complication of policy will not dissuade other efforts.

UrosBS_0111: Despite occasional cross-purposes, the relationship between Traxus and the UESC is key to both entities and vital to society

UrosBS_0111: We, the leadership of this grand company, owe it to our shareholders and to our employees to maintain our core partnerships while continuing to innovate.

KrisBD_4505: This is a moment of upheaval for us all.

KrisBD_4505: We must be prepared to usher every division toward a new era.

KrisBD_4505: First, in our joint response and thorough investigation of the incident at OxPa B 01.

KrisBD_4505: Initial outreach from the UESC has allowed us to negotiate for an internally led exploration of the B 01 mishap.

UrosBS_0111: In exchange for Traxus.Global’s discretion re: TCIV and related matters, the UESC was amicable to our demands to be left alone to address this very personal matter.

 UrosBS_0111: The public, our shareholders, and our employees will be looking to us for support and strength.

UrosBS_0111: Thoughts?

KrisBD_4505: General talking points were hit.

KrisBD_4505: Feels strong.

KrisBD_4505: PR will take the transcript and craft a message.

KrisBD_4505: Won’t touch all beats, but this is strong.

HedvT_6221: And necessary.

KrisBD_4505: SekGen will lead our post-OxPa communication window.

KrisBD_4505: Hashimoto-san will deliver a message touching on the tragedy but highlighting the value in their clone technology and the continued improvements in neural transfer systems

KrisBD_4505: Our intention is to springboard off SekGen’s internal messaging after it reaches the news cycle—“Tragedy Averted, Clones Save the Day” or the equivalent.

HedvT_6221: And the numbers are safe?

UrosBS_0111: Yes.

26 May 2888, 04:45PM PST


HedvT_6221: @TOI_Board SekGen PO fully executed.

HedvT_6221: Order in progress.

HedvT_6221: Birthing window for S-Series will push slightly.

NinoDC_0312: Delay considered and adjusted for.

UrosBS_0111: All current intel suggest we’re early birds.

UrosBS_0111: May catch Equi.

UrosBS_0111: ^^^ Launch dependent.

NinoDC_0312: Likely not beat.

NinoDC_0312: But close behind.

KrisBD_4505: Doesn’t really matter.

KrisBD_4505: If leaked manifest is correct, S&R can’t cover enough ground to keep our interests out.

UrosBS_0111: They’ll try.

HedvT_6221: Update on our crew?

KrisBD_4505: Good shape.

KrisBD_4505: Long prep before launch.

KrisBD_4505: Appear focused.

HedvT_6221: Any concerns? Trust? Durability?

KrisBD_4505: W.R won’t lose discipline.

KrisBD_4505: Brothers are a wild card, but W.R trusts.

UrosBS_0111: W.R. is the get.

UrosBS_0111: Part of rider – brothers get the gig.

UrosBS_0111: You’ve seen the reports.

UrosBS_0111: All three are high grade.

UrosBS_0111: They know how to kit-out, gear up and loadout.

UrosBS_0111: If the trust fades or the durability becomes an issue, you have the other contracts in the works.

HedvT_6221: Correct.

NinoDC_0312: All tech-side support is in order.

NinoDC_0312: Multiple instances, for pending contracts and additional PO support.

NinoDC_0312: Transport secured.

NinoDC_0312: LD prep underway.

NinoDC_0312: Resource drift to cover project.

NinoDC_0312: If UESC is on the line…

NinoDC_0312: Bring your best.

KrisBD_4505: Logging out for day.

UrosBS_0111: Same.

27 May 2888, 12:01AM PST





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27 May 2888, 09:00AM PST


UrosBS_0111: @TOI_Board Quick touchpoint before closing channel…

UrosBS_0111: We have established early ground rules in our relationship with UESC forces on TCIV, or lack thereof.

UrosBS_0111: @ KrisBD_4505 floor is yours

KrisBD_4505: UESC is claiming jurisdiction over TCIV.

KrisBD_4505: We expected this, but it remains disappointing.

KrisBD_4505: In light of our longstanding relationship with the UESC.

KrisBD_4505: And, in light of our openness and willingness to share over the last few days.

KrisBD_4505: Attempts to negotiate and come to a mutually beneficial agreement stalled over night.

KrisBD_4505: Talks will continue, but our focus will shift to a purely independent presence on TCIV.

NinoDC_0312: I’ve been reviewing our PO’s biomata production kickoff and timeline, so am a few hours behind.

NinoDC_0312: How can the UESC avoid partnering for TCIV expeditions?

NinoDC_0312: We have more resources. More networks.

UrosBS_0111: They’re not ready to relinquish sovereignty over TCIV or the Marathon before understanding their state.

NinoDC_0312: Understandable. But foolish.

HedvT_6221: We made the argument that we are always stronger together.

HedvT_6221: They agreed.

UrosBS_0111: But needed time.

NinoDC_0312: They have to know we can’t give them that.

KrisBD_4505: They know.

HedvT_6221: It will remain business as usual at home.

HedvT_6221: Less friendly afar.

NinoDC_0312: Victor the spoils.

NinoDC_0312: We have “less friendlies” printing in the weave shops at SekGen.

UrosBS_0111: Let’s continue this in a clean channel.

KrisBD_4505: @VLCN Channel wipe, please: erase, no archive




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27 May 2888, 09:05AM PST


— no active channel —