Level 29-b Section 10 Public Access Terminal



I am now in contact with a number of colonists planetside, but their reports on the situation below are conflicting and obviously exaggerated.  The primary medium-range radio antenna has been disabled or destroyed, which makes communication extremely difficult.

The only thing which seems clear is that the spaceport was obliterated by low-yield nuclear weapons minutes after the attack on the Marathon began.  This I can verify through my own optical instruments.

The invaders seem to be more interested in the Marathon than the colony, at least in the short term.  The motives behind their unprovoked attack are still unknown, however.

This is the computer terminal you are using now.  I cannot teleport you out of this section from here, so you will have to leave from another terminal after you find the assault rifle.

There is an M-75 Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher and ammunition at this location.  When firing on the fully automatic setting this weapon is highly inaccurate, but the grenades hit hard and it's the best we can do right now.  Ammunition may be scarce for a while, so be prepared to fall back to your pistol.

Here is the terminal you must reach to leave this section.  Alien infiltration of this area is high; proceed with caution.  You may find doors blocked or stairways retracted on the way, because the AI in control of these functions is damaged and behaving erratically.


Public Access Terminal 2362-d


<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521->

<Security Breached 2362-d<12.53.2117.42>->

Marathon Internal Engineering Documents

Section 1-c appendix H

Subject: Doors

By: Estasia Orestes, Dominick I. Plackar, and Ursa Simbalzi


There are five basic door designs to be used on the Marathon:

1. Outer Bulkhead Doors

2. Airlock Doors

3. Inner Bulkhead Doors

4. Tertiary or Inner Sealed Non-Vacuum Safe Doors

5. Quaternary or Inner Powered Automatic Opening Doors

Direct control of all doors except the Tertiary and Quaternary doors will be given to Durandal with indirect control of all other doors going to Durandal.  The difference between direct and indirect control primarily has to do with the manner of opening the doors.  Durandal will only open a directly controlled door when he is specifically asked to do so.  Indirectly controlled doors are automatically controlled by Durandal to open when needed.

However, due to the expense involved with adding thermal and visual spectrum sensors to the Tertiary and Quaternary door groups, these doors will be minimally used.  The expected savings of not using this extra sensory input is estimated to be fifty-seven percent of the base cost of the basic inner bulkhead door.

The types of doors are all basically the same with some slight variations.  The doors in classes 1 and 3 are the same doors classified separately to distinguish between the level of safety checking required to assure acceptable leakage.  The airlock doors are specifically modified to work with manual and remote activation switches.  Airlocks are all to be marked with a specific airlock symbol and to be outfitted with an air recharge system.

The tertiary and quaternary doors are designed exactly as the bulkhead doors, but are checked coarsely for air leakage.

This article as well as articles 530-f and 532-g on windows and elevators respectively will be placed for public access in the Marathon Internal Engineering Documents section 1-c appendix H.

<Spurious Interrupt- BreachDisabled>

<Further Access Denied>


Security Breach at



Public Access Terminal



The Marathon's automated defenses were disabled during the initial attack by a directed magnetic pulse.  The aliens used the same weapon to disable the Marathon's other two AIs, Durandal and Tycho, and to severely damage myself.

Durandal is responsible for controlling the ship's autonomous functions: doors, life support, kitchens, air reprocessors, stairs, and so on.  Because he is non-functional, I am working to assume as many of these tasks as possible.  Tycho controls the science and engineering network.

Now that you are better armed, our first priority is to reactivate the Marathon's defenses, under my control, so that we may offer some resistance to the aliens.  I have built three replacement circuit boards for the defense system, but cannot move them from the manufacturing center without assistance.

I will now transport you to retrieve the replacement parts, and will give you further instructions when you arrive.