<CMND PRAMA &49c2>


Welcome back.

I've awakened you from stasis and teleported you down to a planet where I need some work done. You are on Lh'owon, the homeworld of the S'pht.

I'm sure you're wondering why you were in stasis, what happened to the Marathon and Tau Ceti, and most of all where your rocket launcher and fusion gun are. There'll be plenty of time for explanations later.

I need to gain access to the Pfhor computer network on this planet. Your mission is to place two uplink chips at different locations in this complex.

Be careful I'm sure you've already recognized some of our old friends.

On the map at left I've marked two places for you to install uplink chips. When you arrive at each of the computer stations I will transport a chip to you.

Your suit has been modified to recharge at Pfhor power stations and to use Pfhor uplink terminals to upload yourself into a pattern buffer on my ship. I have also marked the locations on the map.

You should encounter little organized resistance because the Pfhor are preoccupied.

I've been introducing them to the magic of orbital bombardment.

Seventeen years have passed since the human colony on Tau Ceti was attacked and you helped me capture the Pfhor scoutship. The S'pht which we freed during that battle joined me, and together we have been searching the galactic core for their homeworld, Lh'owon.

We finally found Lh'owon sixteen hours ago and are searching for something, a weapon or piece of knowledge to use to stop the Pfhor's conquest of the galaxy.

Over a thousand years ago, Lh'owon was all but destroyed during the war in which the Pfhor enslaved the S'pht. It is fitting that we should return here to look for a tool to use against them.

ehhg.431.4122//<PFGR ZNE6 &49c2>



Water system breakdown at zone 6:

Directive from Garrison Command//Hlford

To: Commander Station 6-d

Planetary bombardment by hostile orbiting in our (?captured) ship has caused a major disfunction in the water purification (?sterilization) systems.

Send drones: 94126 95239 29581 to make emergency repairs.