You are in the old bunkers underneath the Citadel of Antiquity. S'pht royalty from each of the ten clans gathered here during the final days of the war in which the Pfhor enslaved the S'pht.

I believe that in their time of need these ancient S'pht found a way to contact the lost clan, but were killed before they could use it.

Underground with you are two old S'pht computers. Find them so I can download their data. We must discover what the warring clans learned after they were joined.

I cannot accurately teleport you from a terminal this deep under the Citadel so you must find a position nearer to the surface to minimize interference.




News of the destruction of S'pht'Hra has saddened all, but there has been a meeting of the Olders for the first time in modern memory.

If anything can save us from these aggressors, it will be the unification of the clans.




Before he disappeared, the Master called the eleven Olders.

One by one they came before him to hear his words.

Each heard their clan names,

S'pht'Lhar, S'pht'Hra, S'pht'Nma, S'pht'Kah, S'pht'Vir, S'pht'Yra, S'pht'Val, S'pht'Shr, S'pht'Mnr, S'pht'Yor, and S'pht'Kr.


Thus were the sacred clans given names and ranks.

The eleven numbers, and the eleven sacred clans.

The final words of the master came to the Olders: "Don't mistake your rank and number for superiority. The oldest child may learn from the youngest."




You must hurry. The Pfhor fleet is close enough that I can identify its flagship as the battleship Khfiva. If the Khfiva is still admiral Tfear's vessel then there is no chance that I can best him in the coming battle.

Tfear is a brilliant strategist and the Pfhor's oldest active admiral. I'm sure his list of decorations and victories would only bore you, so get back to work.

This is the terminal you must eventually leave from, but we have not seen everything yet.

Keep searching for old S'pht terminals and return here when you have found them. There are only two, and both are very near to the computer where I first gave you instructions.

Battle has been joined in orbit and Boomer is taking heavy damage. I cannot hold out for long, but the Pfhor will not soon forget the day that a lone corvette obliterated half of Battle Group Seven, Western Arm.

We're getting closer and I have learned much, but you must search even deeper underground.

There are unstable magma intrusions in the geothermal shafts under the Citadel. I can't pinpoint a safe shaft, but we'll have to take a chance and drop you down one.

Let's hope this world's secrets are hidden in its bowels.