Engineering Terminal 39-g



Everything is not as it seems{}.  seems{}.  seems{}.  You should be extremely careful.  I have detected Durandal[Tycho] in the Engineering Section, but I don't know what he is doing.

My main programs are failing<299.229>

Be careful.  Everything it not is as used to be.

Tenderly transmitting maps and guidance, but futile.

filters failing.

!2@!`~*(_ Use %``934~ autom#tic

teleporter to ~l1leave

Control = assimilated =


<Transmission Error>


Engineering Access 31-d



Leela can't reach you here, but I can.  I am able to access all sections of the ship, and the S'pht have even stopped attacking me- realizing the futility of the enterprise.

Here's a little hint, you'll probably need the help:

If you want to live, go here and look for a hidden airlock panel.

Err, maybe it was here.

No.  I remember now.  It was here.  Yeah, that's it.  This was the place.

I'm sorry.  Could this be it?  It looks like it.  I can't find the right map.  Try talking to Leela.  She always was a nice AI.  She could help you.

Oh, right.  Leela can't get here.

Decompression Completed.

Just kidding.  This is the place.

Side note:

The S'pht have informed me that he Pfhor are building cyborg simulacrums of the Marathon crew.  I imagine that you will meet some of them soon, and wanted to warn you not to get too close to them: about three meters.


Science Station 19-f


<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521->

<Security Breached 31-d<>->

~13!@1ournal entry of H.`1 McYultry:

The attack came so fast, first those crea ~12``30101!~2

who didn't run away, and then two huge armored creatures came after us and killed !`jkfrc@@z else but myself.  I managed to jump into an air vent, and escape here, but

<Filter Error>

hear the strange worblings of their speech getting nearer, and I am unarmed.  I have only a few minutes.

<Spurious Interrupt- Breach Disabled>

<Further Access Denied>