Shell Terminal Access 5-b



I just finished a cursory examination of the Marathon's radar, infrared and visual light sensor logs.  I've determined that the Alien ship must have a faster-than-light drive because I have found no record of a ship entering the Tau Ceti System.  Considering how extensive the Marathon's sensors are, it would be almost impossible to conceal a ship as big as the Pfhor's, which is nearly two kilometers long.

With this knowledge, sending a light-speed transmission to Sol may be futile, but it is the only possible way to warn Earth of a hostile alien race.  We must try.

When the Aliens initially attacked, the entire G-4 Sunbathing Loading Station suffered explosive decompression, leaving the entire station in vacuum.

Since the area is in vacuum, you will need to replenish your oxygen supply.  There is an oxygen supply outlet in the center of the Station.

This is where you are now.

The secondary relay needs to be manually reset.  The dish array is in the upper left corner(of the map) of the G4-Sunbathing Landing Station.

This is the dish array.  Once you reach it, reset all four of the control switches.

Proceed to the terminal at this location, and I will transport you off the station.

The area's doors are not functioning properly, so I don't know the best route to the dish array.  You will have to find it yourself.


Public Access Terminal



You have done well.  I have sent a message to Earth.  I sent all of the information I have on the Pfhor: their behavior; their technology.  The message will arrive in ninety-two years.

There has been a swift attack on the Engineering Section.  The Pfhor have brought in heavier troops, and the security details in that section of the ship are being overrun.

The recent lull in the battle must have been an effort at reorganization.  We must defeat the Pfhor by subterfuge of some sort, as I am afraid we are doomed if we continue to meet them in battle.  Their resources appear limitless, and I have reason to believe there may be other Pfhor ships in nearby systems.

I am sending you to the Engineering Section to rescue the security detachment.  You will have to clear the area of Aliens.

Teleport when ready.