Medical Access Terminal



Time is limited.  There is a large group of heavily armed Pfhor approaching the section of the ship where I have transported you.  Their only logical destination is the sensitive engineering areas in the aft section of the ship.

As we are not yet in a position to halt their advance by force, I have decided to depressurize a large area in their path in order to slow their progress.  Unfortunately, I cannot remotely seal the airlocks and isolate the zone I wish to depressurize from the nearby living quarters.  Exposing this area to space without first isolating it would kill hundreds of human crew.

You will have to go and close the doors.

This is your current location.  You must find another computer terminal to exit from.  I am unable to activate the teleport mechanism from this terminal.

This is the first airlock you must seal.  The switch which controls it is located on the wall adjacent to the door.  Make certain it closes completely before continuing.

This is the second door you must seal.  Again, make certain it closes completely.


Public Access Terminal 49-z


<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521->

<Security Breached 49-z<>->

<Trace Prohibition Compensated>

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<trace mode error>

<unimplemented inline trap $A9FF>

<Spurious Interrupt- Breach Disabled>

<Further Access Denied>

<Breach Location Undetermined>

Service Access 31-b



Here I am, sulking about on a ship which used to be my slave. Chased by a narrow-minded AI who thinks I'm rampant with only the cybernetic toys of these so-called invaders to play with.

And here you are, stuck at the bottom of a hole.  How droll.  It's really too bad- we could have had so much fun together.



Public Access Terminal 65-a



Good work.  I will begin the decompression process in a moment.

I have finished debriefing the civilian crew you rescued a few hours ago.  They are the only group to survive prolonged contact with the Aliens that I have been able to talk with.

They maintain that the Aliens were loading as many humans as possible onto shuttle craft and flying them to the Pfhor mother ship.  I have watched many such shuttles bringing supplies to the Aliens, but had no idea they were carrying humans back to the alien ship.

I will brief you more on your next mission when you arrive.  You may not go exactly where I want you to end up because there is interference in the Computer Net.  Good luck.

Teleport when ready.