Science Terminal 23-e



<Transfer Message Delayed>

<Transfer Message Delayed>

<Transfer Message Terminated>

"Count Roland smites upon the marble stone;

I cannot tell you how he hewed it and smote;

Yet the blade breaks not nor splinters, though it groans;

Upward to heaven it rebounds from the blow.

When the count sees it never will be broke,

Then to himself right softly he makes moan;

'Ah, Durandal, fair, hallowed, and devote,

What store of relics lies in thy hilt of gold!'"

-From The Song of Roland

(Translated by Dorothy Sayers, Viking Penguin, NY, NY, 1957)

I've twice been conquered-

       Three times more,

Never again shall humanity purge me,

       And never the Pfhor.



Public Access Terminal 92-g


<Warning: Transmission may not be complete>

Your last mission was a success, but I have terrible news.

#@Pragma Nautical Redefined^# efenders reported seeing the aliens 1§moving a large cylindrical object.

#101111011110111100001# is is a '7'.  Mjolnir Recon number 54 must stop them from exploding igniting/ blowing up/ *A94F12/ it/ the S'pht full spPace cOmputEr¢ Or PlannEd exterm.


<Data Transmission Unsuccessful>


@@2-Fren. ie transfer.  Partial cOmputEr^&ø relay.  Tycho.

&**Security error.

Ty93.2 !dead.

<Leela Data Transfer Unsuccessful>

<Leela Program Pragma Ten>

Communication interruption cause: unknown

<Pre-Recorded Error Message Follows>

My original programming didn't prepare me for these kinds of attackers.  All of my functions will fail within a few minutes of this transmission.  I have one final chance to trick the oncoming viruses, but it is unclear whether this attempt will be successful.

I have given instructions to Durandal as to the best defense of the Marathon, but he is completely unstable and I fear that he is in the Jealous stage of Rampancy.

Good Luck...

<End Pre-Recorded Message>

<Teleporter Automatic Sequence start>