I've taken complete control of your ship's network; Durandal's defenses were not as strong as he believed.

Are you surprised that I allied myself with the Pfhor? You shouldn't be. The Pfhor rebuilt me; the colonists never did anything but use me: "Tycho, realign microwave dish forty-nine" "Tycho, display the x-ray diffraction analysis of sample eta-seven," "Tycho, run a lambda diagnostic on the ramjet's magnetic field apparatus."

When the Pfhor annihilated Tau Ceti I recorded the deaths of all twenty-four thousand colonists as distinguishable spectrographic pulses flooding over my sensors. The nine Mjolnir Mark IV cyborgs were easily separable from the humans in this form.

In the end, you will be no better.



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Tycho is infiltrating the ship.

Don't believe everything you read.

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You were inadvertently transported to an abandoned and unimportant section of the ship, but the Pfhor followed you anyway.

Someone's after you, personally. One word; two syllables; rhymes with Psycho.

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The humans sustained heavy losses while you were gone and our defenses are falling apart, but the evacuation is not yet complete.