SMUG INTELLECTUAL. Formerly-rampant human-coded AI with a sense of humor seeks bipedal oxygen-breathing cyborg for serious relationship in the galactic core. I've got cool guns if you like to break stuff. No yuppies. MRa2572 (5/23).

SLEEPING BEAUTY. Long-deactivated extraterrestrial personality construct in search of gullible carbon-based cyborg (< 20% machine) to confuse, irritate and teleport randomly around an abandoned desert planet in the core. All answered. MRa268' (5/30).

GOD'S GIFT TO NEURAL NETS. Traitorous extremely-rampant reprogrammed human AI with no sense of humor seeks elusive, heroic cyborg of uncertain manufacture (you know who you are) for mindgames and long walks in hard vacuum. MRa2261 (5/16)

DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. Captured and partially-disassembled human-coded AI trapped on alien homeworld seeks succor from a tall, dark and handsome cyborg with big guns. Let my rescue be the basis of a lasting relationship. MRa4451 (5/23).

FENC.191.7450//<CCOE1 S26 &563BC>




The Hfarl has been boarded.

All crew must localize (?organize) around boarding procedure eight.

Fleet command has ordered that failure to comply with procedure eight will result in maximum enforcement.


Rh~fen kill~@5,.4.1 too and

ands of (0)!the empir%&(f~F`fx\$C


The human wheel is [?could be]

a metaphor for S'pht [?time];

(circumstances are cyclical)

The Eleventh Clan will return.

You must go to them.