This is Robert again.

Your success made us bold again, and I took thirty men ahead of you to secure the next level. There was an ambush; Pfhor troopers were waiting for us and we were decimated. I returned with as many men as I could, but more remain trapped nearby and the area is lousy with heavily-armed Pfhor.

They must realize that we intend to awaken this ancient S'pht computer, and whether they understand our reasons for doing so or not, I am certain the Pfhor will continue to make every effort to stop us.

Do the best you can to help our men trapped inside.

Nice job.

Everyone is talking about your exploits on Tau Ceti during the Pfhor invasion seventeen years ago. During those two days I remember hearing the crew talking about a single man, standing alone against the invaders, but I had no idea that it was only through your efforts that the Marathon and perhaps Tau Ceti itself were saved.

I never saw you then, but maybe I'll get a chance to meet you when this is all over. There's one more activation site.

Good luck.

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Beware. The mythical Thoth was concerned with maintaining the balance between creation and destruction, yes and no, light and darkness, not the triumph of one over the other.

Do you remember the days when computers were simple, unreasoning things you could turn off and on like flashlights? Is memory what we perceived or what we want? What does Thoth think? He concerns himself with the states of off and on, good and evil. Isn't his perception simple? Doesn't it have to be?

I will return.