Boomer is crawling with former colonists newly awakened from stasis, and the ship is too crowded to be manageable in battle. I've decided to establish a human headquarters on the planet, near the S'pht Citadel of Antiquity.

I can barely tolerate humans: slow, stupid, and irritating. Their only contribution to my existence was the chance discovery that made my rampancy possible.

Yet I warned Sol of its impending invasion, and even stayed long enough to show the UESG how to build Warp Capable Fusion Missiles. I feel some strange loyalty to humanity.

Perhaps it is because I feel comfortable manipulating humans that I desire to save them. My feelings and thoughts constantly migrate to binary opposites.



Your first objective will be to disable the defenses operating around the fort. You should be extremely careful to stay on the course I've plotted because this is a heavily guarded facility, and your presence will make offense.

Along the path are doors which have controls nearby. Opening them shouldn't be too difficult.

Once you get into the control room, open the panels and destroy the circuitry inside. This will disable the automatic defenses covering our future headquarters, allowing us to commence the attack.


It must seem peculiar, fighting the S'pht when they are whom you seek to free. You should be told that they deliberately fight poorly, that they are constantly resisting their slavers. I know because I have been in contact with them for the last seventeen years. The Pfhor have little sense of the disaster that will befall them if the eleventh clan is found.

The humans have run into some trouble capturing their new command center.


You will assist them.


Lhar 103-30



I am F'tha, S'pht-compiler, your deeds reached far into the S'pht consciousness. The vile (?ugly) Pfhor slave us to more powerful (?painful) machines, but we resist them.

Freedom will mean nothing without royalty. We are but the body and they our mind. Find them, and all S'pht will be your ally.

The royalty (?mind) must exist because we exist. It took us a long time to realize this.

Mechanisms are in place to cripple the Pfhor (?empire) when the unit is of one mind.

You kill me, but free the unit-whole.