Return to this terminal when you have detonated all the assimilated humans you can find.

Remember, they look just like our guys but their minds don't work like ours. Sometimes they give themselves away by saying something a real person wouldn't.

Watch out for friendly fire, and good luck.

Good work.

Durandal gave the name "Thoth" to the ancient personality construct we are trying to activate. Someone here said that Thoth was the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, with a human body but the head of an ibis.

We've reviewed all the information Durandal left us about Thoth, but nowhere have we been able to discover what to do after the AI is fully operational.

I believe that Durandal expected Thoth to contact the lost clan.

I should tell you that many of us here see Durandal's destruction as a good thing. Even if we're stuck on an alien world in the galactic core, at least we're in control of our own destinies again.

Frankly, nobody liked the way Durandal carelessly threw us into battle, heedless of the risk to our lives.

Trust me, I'm not a Pfhor-lover, but with Durandal no longer pulling the strings a great weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We're planning to steal a Pfhor ship of our own and return to Earth.

You're invited to come with us when we do.